We design or redesign packaging and/or packaging using our method based on Closing the Loop. We have extensive experience in finding packaging solutions, taking into account the specific circumstances of our client.

We position all primary, secondary, or collective packaging and tertiary packaging, identifying insights and providing a sustainable focus. We conduct a study and assessment of potential improvements at all levels: industrial optimization, materials, supply chain, etc. Always with a regenerative vision and a systemic approach.

How do we do it?

Phase 1
Analysis of the packaging to be eco-designed

This stage is of essential importance to achieve the expected result. In this phase, we need to understand the internal process of the packaging (preferably on-site) and the target market in order to complete our internal briefing and align expectations and objectives with the final outcome.
We require samples of the product that needs to be packaged, or a CAD file with its specifications. If your product already has existing packaging, we can work as your main packaging supplier to implement the solution. Alternatively, we can select suppliers that align with your specific needs.

Phase 2
Creation of the design concept

With the collection and analysis of the previous information, we will use our method based on Closing the Loop, where we will identify the needs of your client, establish precise specifications for the packaging or wrapping, and generate concepts where we will explore different ideas that can address the client's needs and the planet and its impact.
We focus on 8 essential aspects in concept development, which are:


Phase 3
Prototyping and proof of concept design

Once we have the concepts, we will create prototypes hand in hand with potential producers in order to ensure that industrialization, quality, and costs are aligned with your company. In the event of having to adapt machinery, we will evaluate the transition costs and the risk.
The final prototypes are tested in our facilities or in yours to ensure their real viability, including additional iterations to make aesthetic or final dimension adjustments, if necessary.


Phase 4
Validation and quality control development (at the client's request)

Once the samples are approved, this stage can be carried out by your internal team or we can accompany you to produce the first industrial sample to validate the packaging and generate the required quality inspection protocols.


Phase 5
Production management (at the client's request)

If desired, we can also propose options and possible supply agreements to obtain better discounts during the procurement process. We monitor production deadlines, quality control, obtain conformity certificates, and oversee packaging delivery until its validation once it is ready for sale.

We like to work with transparency and do not charge management commissions to our suppliers.



What will you get?

Aligning your packaging with European packaging and waste directives, key points to consider:
  • Improvement of packaging and promotion of reuse and recycling
  • Increasing the percentage of recycled material
  • Eliminating excessive packaging
  • Reducing packaging waste
  • Packaging aligned with the expectations of your customer and the planet


8-12 weeks
What we need from you:
Availability of your multidisciplinary internal team and other identified stakeholders for an initial general in-person meeting and interviews with key experts
Understanding your processes and target markets that we want to analyze.
Time to gather key information for document review
On-site testing of prototypes to validate the proposal.