Breaking barriers of "greenwashing" with authentic and aligned strategies to the European Commission,
because "What is not communicated, does not exist" Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel García Márquez.

We focus on creating authentic and transparent green marketing and communication strategies, so that your corporate impact company is recognized as a benchmark in the market. No to greenwashing, we align ourselves with the regulations of the European Commission to create your green marketing and communication strategy consistent with the actions and values of your company, in order for your company to be a reference for the consumer, promoting the circular economy and sustainable development from a transparent and effective perspective, moving away from false promises. Furthermore, we offer you an analysis of the latest marketing trends so that your company is at the forefront in your industry.

Implementing a green marketing and communication strategy for packaging requires a long-term approach and continuous commitment. The goal is to build a strong brand image and be recognized as a leader in your industry.

How do we do it?




We conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the most important issues related to your packaging. This allows us to understand the economic, social, and environmental impacts of your organization in this area.


Sustainability Strategy
Starting Point

We begin by understanding your target market, identifying consumer needs and demands, and analyzing the competition. We also assess your internal capabilities and resources to develop an effective strategy.



Together, we establish clear and measurable objectives for your green marketing and communication strategy. These objectives may include increasing awareness of your sustainable packaging, improving brand perception, and increasing customer engagement, among others.



We divide your target market into specific segments with similar characteristics and needs. This allows us to tailor your marketing messages and approach to be more effective and relevant for each segment.


Development of
Key Messages

We identify key messages that highlight the sustainable features of your packaging. These messages are clear, concise, and persuasive, focusing on environmental benefits and advantages for consumers.

The remaining phases, such as selecting communication channels, implementing and executing the strategy, and monitoring and evaluating results, can be addressed collaboratively with your internal staff or with marketing and communication agencies aligned with your needs.

Our approach is based on rigorous analysis, a solid strategy, and effective execution to help you promote your sustainable packaging authentically and relevantly in the market.

What will you get?

By implementing a green marketing and communication strategy, your client can obtain the following concrete benefits:
  • Differentiation in the market.
  • Increased brand awareness and perception.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Attraction of new customers.
  • Compliance with regulations and market demands.
  • Improved corporate reputation.
  • Positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.


The duration of the project will be adapted according to the scope and complexity of the required work.
What we need from you:
Availability of your internal marketing and communication team and other identified stakeholders for an initial general in-person meeting and interviews with key experts.
Understanding of your processes and target markets that we want to communicate.
Time to gather key information to create a strategy aligned with your company's actions and values.

Contact us today to start designing your green marketing and communication strategy.