We go beyond Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and have a broad understanding of different aspects and values related to sustainability in packaging, allowing us to analyze, evaluate, prioritize, and implement the most appropriate measures to study: from eco-design, suppliers, processes, energy efficiency, technical cycle, biological cycle, to potential technological improvements that can be adapted to your process and needs.

How do we do it?




We gather key indicators of the company to obtain a detailed view of its packaging and/or packaging sustainability at a company level.



We generate a SWOT matrix taking into account your company and previously collected key indicators, your competitive environment, and your general environment. The design of the matrix allows us to draw conclusions about:

- How the company's strategy can leverage its strengths and seize opportunities in the environment.
- The urgency for the company to address its weaknesses and protect itself against external threats.


Goal Setting
and choice of strategy

Together with our client, we establish the objectives and choose the most suitable strategy for their business model and ambition, always from a holistic perspective to close the circle of positive circular impact.


Definition of plans
action and prioritization

In this final phase, action plans are defined and prioritized in order to execute the transition efficiently and in an orderly manner.

What will you get?

A solid and coherent sustainable packaging transformation strategy aligned with your Brand Impact ambition. Clarity on your brand positioning and how it positively influences internal efforts, the supply chain, and customers. Alignment among different departments with an execution plan. A tangible and measurable action plan for the company, where you can have the opportunity to create a fully integrated communication plan that allows you to express your brand values.


8-16 weeks
What we need from you:
Availability of your multidisciplinary internal team and other identified stakeholders for an initial general in-person meeting and 45-minute interviews and key presentations.
Understanding of your processes and target markets that we want to analyze. Time to gather key information for documentation review.